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Motorcycle Quick Charging
One Quick Charger provides an additional 1 kW of charging capability. When used with your motorcycle’s integrated charging system, this approximately doubles the amount of energy flowing to the power pack during charging. As a result, charge time is reduced by about 50%. To charge even faster, multiple Quick Chargers can be purchased and used with a Quick Charger Y Adapter to reduce the charge time further.

Off-Board Power Pack Charging
The Quick Charger can be used to charge power pack modules when removed from the motorcycle. Specifically the Z-Force® 3.3 or Z-Force® 3.6 Power Pack Modules, used with the Zero FX, Zero FXS and Zero XU motorcycles, require the Power Pack Module Charging Adapter when the power packs are charged off-board.

The North American Quick Charger kit, the Quick Charger (96 Volt) UK and Hong Kong kits include a cord approved for use in their respective countries.